TV Ads Very Effective at Creating Brand Awareness

Brand awarenessTelevision advertising remains a very effective method to reach potential clients and customers. Yet, it often takes a more indirect approach than other media in persuading its target audience of the value of the product or service being offered.

The goal of television commercials is to inform their target audience of what the advertiser has to offer as well as to persuade them to consider purchasing the product or service being offered. What is the product? How is it useful? What are the benefits of using the product or service? Is this product (or service) for me? These questions are easily answered for the consumer by employing television ads.

The point should be to stress that the television ad is being presented strictly for the benefit of the consumer. The message should be that the customer or client could become smarter, more attractive, healthier, be better parents, be better consumers, etc., if only they took advantage of what was being offered by the advertiser.

One reason television advertising is so effective for this purpose is that the medium is best able to demonstrate to the potential consumer how the product or service can be of use to them and to help remove any doubt or apprehension about proceeding to the purchasing stage of the product or service.

It’s hard to resist, for example, a product that can help make the user look younger or healthier.

Another reason television advertising is effective is that it is quite adept at persuasion. TV commercials do quite well at convincing a consumer that she or he must take advantage of purchasing a certain product or service.

However, this is accomplished through a less direct method, whereby the advertisement strives to associate favorable images with the product or service in question in the minds of the target audience. This approach has been shown in various studies to yield better results than the more direct call-to-action approach.

For example, a television commercial for a beauty product may show a very attractive woman (or man) using the product and then smiling into the mirror.  The spoken message may just list the benefits of using the product. This is preferable than directly calling for the consumer to immediately go out and purchase the product.

This type of persuasion is less direct because its focus is on the socially-instilled emotions of consumers. Television commercials are indeed able to accomplish this aim more quickly and effectively than other media.

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