TV Ad Spending to Increase Despite Rise in Online Advertising

Money increaseSpending on television advertising in the United States will see a respectable and consistent growth through 2015. This rise will come in spite of the recent influx of online media advertising options.

Coming back from an 11% drop from 2008 to 2009, due in large part to the onset of the global financial downturn, television advertising enjoyed an impressive 9.7% jump in 2010.  Spending shot up from $53.8 billion annually to $59 billion.

These increases are expected by media experts to continue at least through 2015, when estimated spending on television advertising is estimated to top $68 billion per year.

This growth in spending is largely attributed to the recovering economy in the US. It also indicates that spending on online advertising has risen at the cost of the print media, such as newspapers, magazines, and directories, but not television. The increasing spending on television advertising clearly indicates that TV has not been largely affected by the striking growth of online advertising.

Though more and more consumers have recently shifted to purchasing on the Internet, leading to an increase in advertising there, most businesses have not seen the need nor had the desire to reduce their television advertising expenditures.

Americans still watched over 34 hours of television per week in 2010, more than in 2009 despite an ever-increasing use of online resources. By far, most advertisers consider television to be a very effective medium for disseminating messages to a wide number of potential new customers and clients.

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