The benefits of advertising on television

TV ad benefitsTelevision advertising is able to provide many benefits to companies and causes due to its ability to incorporate moving images, still graphics, words, and sound effects  into one powerful and effective message that will have the greatest impact on potential customers and clients.

TV ads are especially adept at capturing their viewers’ attention and getting them talking about what they saw in the commercial. This happens much more so with television than with any other medium.

Television has three major advantages over the other advertising media: reach, differentiation, and multi-sensory appeal.

First, a major advantage of television advertising is its broad reach. Television has the capability of communicating with a very massive audience. Ads on television are especially prone to capturing attention, creating awareness of a product or a cause, and instilling an appreciation for those products or services featured in the advertisements.

The second advantage of television advertising comes from its ability to differentiate. In years past, network television commercials tended to convey more general messages whereas those on cable television tended to convey more specific ones. Networks were not as able to differentiate, though most TV commercials were quite successful.

These days, however, even network television can offer a wide range of programming options wherein commercials are more apt to be seen by a specific segment of the targeted audience. Cable television is, however, still the champ at accomplishing this and can even broadcast ads to specific zip codes.

Finally, television has always been able to appeal to multiple senses due to its ability to combine images, sound, text, and motion into a rich and interesting advertisement. It is this ability to appeal to many senses that leaves a lasting impression of the ad’s message in the minds of the viewers and keeps television advertising as the most viable option for advertisers wanting to reach a large number of potential customers in the quickest, most efficient and effective way.

It usually takes a reputable and experienced advertising agent to pull off a truly professional looking TV commercial, so it’s important to consult with one early in the process. Producing a TV spot requires significant planning. The end result, however, will be a truly powerful vehicle for conveying the message of the company or cause.

The power of television advertising is truly unparalleled.

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