Political Advertising

Partner One Media’s highly successful advertising program for businesses can also be tailored for all types of political advertising. Unlike businesses, political organizations do not work on “sales increases” but rather on the attainment of political goals or objectives. If approved, Partner One Media will guarantee that your organization will meet its political goals, or Partner One Media does not make any money.

How Does it Work?

Partner One Media pays for many of the advertising costs for the party, candidate, or organization and only makes money if the organization’s campaign objectives or political goals are met. These objectives are mutually agreed upon in advance and can be set in a number of different ways such as number of votes for a party or candidate, elections won, bills passed and more.

Applying for the Partner One Media Political Advertising Program:

  1. The organization submits its political goal(s) and its available budget to cover direct media costs.
  2. Partner One Media’s underwriting committee makes a risk assessment analysis based on the organization’s political goals and available budget.
  3. If Partner One Media approves the proposal, the parties set a mutually agreed upon success fee if the organization’s goals are met.
  4. Partner One Media pays for many of the political organization’s marketing costs (see What is Included).
  5. Partner One Media only receives the success fee if the organization’s political goals are met.