Social Media & Viral Marketing

Do you want your brand to go viral? Are you taking full advantage of the power of social networks?

Driving your brand across the top social networking sites

Partner One Media is a leader in bringing your business to life in the digital universe and growing your sales exponentially. What sets Partner One Media apart from all other companies, is that Partner One Media pays for all costs in creating, managing and driving your brand up in Google Search rankings and across the top social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn and more.

Web and Promo site building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Partner One Media pays to create your websites and promotional materials and to improve your SEO (search engine optimization), providing you with higher rankings on Google and much greater traffic to your website.

Partner One Media will handle all aspects of your social network presence, from creative ideation, design and development to viral campaign building and execution, website, micro-site, social media and web optimization, all at no cost to you. At every step of the way Partner One Media works closely with you to ensure the result is consistent with your brand and your vision.

Partner One Media enhances your online presence and conversation with your customers through the power of search engines and social networks. Partner One Media is a leader in spreading the “brand virus” and making sure it increases your sales, because that is the only way both you and Partner One Media win.