Frequently Asked Questions

How can Partner One Media take on risks without any guarantees?

  1. We have proven our ability to increase sales with amazing advertising campaigns that stand out from the clutter.
  2. We have solid financial backing.
  3. We choose the companies we work with very carefully and maintain a high success rate.
  4. We know there are times we will lose the money we spend, yet our system of “pooled risk and reward”, allows the many successes we have to absorb the individual losses we sustain.

Will Partner One Media have any control over my business?

No. You always keep full control of your business.

Do I get to approve the work that Partner One Media does for my business?

Yes. Partner One Media understands the value of each business. You approve all elements of your advertising, this insures that what Partner One Media does to grow your business is in line with your company’s image and vision.

Do I need to sign a contract with Partner One Media?

Yes. You sign a contract with Partner One Media stating all the services that we will provide for your business at no charge. You can terminate this contract at any time, for any reason. This will give you the flexibility to start and stop your Partner One Program at any time.

Will I ever need to reimburse Partner One Media for the advertising costs it pays on behalf of my business?

You are never required to reimburse Partner One Media for the advertising costs it assumes as part of the Partner One Program, regardless of whether your sales increase or not. If you request that Partner One Media purchase airtime on TV, radio or Internet for your commercials, you are responsible for the direct costs of this airtime regardless of whether your sales increase or not. Partner One Media will not charge any agency commissions. Please see What is Included for more detail.

Are there any extra costs or application fees, or any other fees as part of the Partner One Program?

No. Partner One Media only makes money if your sales increase during span of the Partner One Program. There are no other fees or costs.

Can I stop the Partner One Program anytime?

Yes. You can stop the Partner One Program anytime.

If I stop the Partner One Program, do I still need to keep paying on my sales increases?

No. Once you stop the Partner One Program for any reason, you are no longer required to pay Partner One Media on your sales increases.

How do I need to report my sales increases to Partner One Media?

Within 10 days following the end of every month, you supply Partner One Media with a written statement of your sales for that month.

What evidence will Partner One Media require to support my sales report?

Partner One Media only requires a written statement of sales, signed by an officer of the corporation. No further evidence is required.

Does Partner One Media have the right to audit my books?

No. Partner One Media has no rights to audit your books. Partner One Media relies exclusively on the written statement of sales you provide in order to calculate whether the fees are due.

What if there are circumstances affecting my business that may create an increase in my sales independently of the Partner One Program?

If there are certain circumstances (other than the Partner One Program) which could cause your sales to increase significantly and you feel that Partner One Media should not earn fees on a specific portion of your sales increases, please discuss it with your Partner One Media advisor.

Does Partner One Media offer customized programs for government organizations or non-profit organizations?

Yes. Partner One Media offers customized programs at reduced rates for government organizations. If you are a non-profit or charitable organization, Partner One Media may be able to waive all fees as part of the Partner One Media Philanthropy Fund. Contact us for more information.