Advertising is Great Tool for “Getting Name Out There”

Getting name out thereRegardless of the type of marketing strategy a business is considering, one thing that most advertising strategists agree upon is the importance of “getting the name of the business out there.” Many business owners and managers ask, “Now that my business is up and running, how do I attract more customers and make my business… Continue reading>>

Two Big Names Emphasize Importance of Television Advertising

TV ad surveyAlthough Web-based and mobile phone advertising are on the rise, two leading US advertisers stressed that television is still a top choice as an advertising medium.

In a recent study, Microsoft Corp. and Omnicom Group, the world’s second largest advertising agency, stated that “there has never been a better time for TV advertising to seize the moment.” The… Continue reading>>

TV Ad Spending to Increase Despite Rise in Online Advertising

Money increaseSpending on television advertising in the United States will see a respectable and consistent growth through 2015. This rise will come in spite of the recent influx of online media advertising options.

Coming back from an 11% drop from 2008 to 2009, due in large part to the onset of the global financial downturn, television advertising enjoyed an… Continue reading>>

Should Businesses Invest in Advertising During a Recession?

Woman thinkingIt may seem logical for businesses to cut down on ad spending in times of economic downturns.

At first glance, it may seem like saving money — instead of spending money — is the smart thing to do. That’s why, in economic crises, some companies significantly reduce their advertising budgets.

Be that as it may, a company… Continue reading>>