Elections, Olympics to Lead to Huge Jump in TV Advertising

People watching televisionTelevision advertising is expected to see a huge increase due to the upcoming national elections in the US and the summer Olympic games. Top retailers such as JC Penney and Estée Lauder are also contributing to this jump.

The anticipated rise in television ad spending is estimated at about 6.8 percent in the US by the end… Continue reading>>

Many Media Options Available in Advertising

Media optionsCompanies ready to begin an advertising campaign must have a basic understanding of what options are available to them to serve as the vehicle for their advertising.

It is important to keep in mind that in advertising, messages are meant to reach a specific audience. Advertising agencies specialize in helping companies of all sizes with branding, advertising, marketing, developing… Continue reading>>

What Are the Benefits of Advertising?

Benefits of advertisingWhen considering the topic of advertising, business leaders and company owners will often ask, “Why should I advertise? What are the benefits of advertising for my company?”

There are many reasons why advertising is advantageous to both small companies and large businesses alike. Everywhere one looks or listens these days, whether on television, radio, the World-Wide Web, or… Continue reading>>

For Effective Advertising, It’s the Message That Counts

Woman shoppingWhat makes an effective advertisement?

Effective ads don’t have to be expensive. Many advertisers assume that in order to produce an effective advertisement a tremendous amount of money has to be spent. This is not necessarily the case. In fact, studies have shown that it’s not the cost of an ad that makes it effective, but rather the contents… Continue reading>>

Partner One Offers 100 Percent Results-Based Advertising

One of the most important factors to consider when beginning to formulate an advertising plan for a business, a campaign, or a cause is which advertising agency will guide the process from beginning to end.

There are many advertising agencies to choose from, but one agency is particularly unique in the services we offer.

Partner One is a national ad agency that has been in business for over Continue reading>>