Advertising for a Cause

The Partner One Media Philanthropic Fund is dedicated to help pay for a portion of the advertising expenses of non-profit organizations. Whether it be to spread their message, raise donations, create awareness or bring on more followers, Partner One Media is capable of handling many aspects of a non-profit organization’s marketing, absolutely free of charge.

How Does it Work?

Partner One Media waives all fees when it comes to making its successful advertising solution for businesses available to non-profit organizations, which means that the organization can have many of its advertising costs paid for by Partner One Media, without ever paying a success fee of any kind. See What is Included for details of what costs Partner One Media can cover.

We Are Here to Help.

While Partner One Media has become successful by making other businesses successful, Partner One Media has always made its resources available to those advertising for good causes. We welcome the opportunity to make our many resources, our money, expertise, personnel, contacts, experience and know-how available to help your organization.

If you are a non-profit organization looking to advertise for a cause, simply contact Partner One Media and ask to speak to an advisor. We are here to help you.