About Partner One Media

Partner One Media is the only 100% results-based ad agency in the United States. In business for over 17 years, Partner One Media is a national full service marketing firm with a proven track record for success. Partner One Media offers what no other ad agency offers: to pay for many of its clients’ advertising costs and to guarantee that its clients’ revenues will increase.

How is Partner One Media different from other ad agencies? Partner One Media creates successful ad campaigns and only makes money when your sales increase. Other ad agencies always make money, regardless of your sales results.


“Our philosophy is simple: we should only make money if we can make money for you.”

As a fully integrated media agency benefitting from a solid financial backing, Partner One Media is capable of offering businesses a unique results-only advertising solution which eliminates a part of the costs and risks of advertising. It’s called the Partner One Program.

With clients ranging from new brands seeking a foothold in a crowded market, to established companies expanding their marketing efforts with new programs, Partner One Media has proven its ability to execute successful campaigns, grow sales and build long-term relationships, while greatly reducing the advertising costs and risks for our Partners.


“Partner One Media’s willingness to put its money where its mouth is, and assume the risk that your marketing campaign will increase your sales, puts Partner One Media in a category of its own.”


No other company worldwide offers the Partner One Program. We’re proud to say, it has no equivalent and no competition.


Learn more about growing your business and having someone else take the risk.